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      How do I get rid of what appears to a lime deposit on my sons baby bottles after we boil them? Any
      suggestions are welcome.

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      As a chemist LOL, I suggest you buy dish detergent that contains EDTA(disodium or tetrasodium salt). EDTA (ethyldiaminetetraacetic acid) is a chelate, also found in many cleaners, and is perfectly safe. It is used to help sudsing in areas where you have “hard water”. Hard water is a condition where you have an exccess of magnesium or calcium in your water. EDTA is your only and best bet.

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      Now I see why I had to go to 5 years of apprenticeship to become a journeyman “plumber”

      As a 2nd year apprentice we had to learn about various water conditions and your question reminded me of those days thank you for posting this question.

      By the way I am NOT a chemist only a Master plumber. I shouldn’t have joked about the chemist but we did take up basic chemistry in apprenticeship training.

      To all the real chemists IM sorry for calling myself a chemist . SylvanLMP

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      Forgive me BUT I have found an even better answer. I am a list owner of a masterpplumbers site and asked my members for input.

      This is in my opinion the BEST advice up to date ..

      Ahem!!! BREAST FEED.

      Makes sense to me…think how handy this method is when going on a picnic or
      camping trip. No bother. No broken bottles to worry about
      or clean. No mixing or fixing formula. No bottle warmers…consistent quality
      par excellent. And if that is not enough, consider the engineering involved
      in this
      most unique of containers.

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      Try boiling your bottles in purified water your tap water may be hard. Get a hardness test from the store and find out for yourself. My 3 kids love drinking purified water they have all had it since babies and will ask for water before anything else. What a health habit to start of life with. Oh remember there are only three ways to make purified water deionization, distilling and reverse osmosis.

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      Breast feed? I can’t believe this response you got to be kidding Sylvan? Can’t you come up with a better answers than this? I was under the impression that the profesionals on this site had a little more class than this. Oh I forgot we all are profesional with the exception of the Master plumber sitting in the corner with a dunce cap on. Grow up dude

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      Dave that BREAST response came from an 80 year old Master plumber from Florida.

      What I did was post this idiotic question out on my plumbers discussion group for other idea’s INSTEAD of asking a stock clerk at the local K mart about dish washing detergents.

      I think this old timer had the right idea as I happen to like Natures bottles any way as Nature doesn’t depend on a refrigerator and the “bottles” are non deposit and easy to maintain and EASY to take along on trips.

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