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      I have a submersible well pump system. The air in the tank is 28 psi; however, the water pressure from the fucets is not good. The tank feels like it is empty. The pressure gauge only goes up to 22 psi. Could there be a malfunction in the pressure switch, gauge, tank, pump, or something else?

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      Don’t change the air pressure in the tank. Only check tank air pressure with an empty tank. Check GPM water output of your pump it should put out it’s rated amount of flow check voltages and running amperages of your motor if you don’t know how to do this call someone who can. How long does it stay on when it starts? Does the pressure build at all? Running amperages will tell if your moter is working hard on not this will be your biggest indicator. Good luck

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      Thank you for your reply. The water runs for about 5 minutes with good pressure before starting to fizzing out. The tank doesn’t seems as it has any water in it. It is easy to move about. Is this normal? The pressure gague move at about 20 psi and never gets higher that 25 psi.

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      The way the tank works is that the water has to be forced into it so it will drain completly when needed. The bladder inside the tank has air on the other side of it. If your pump is not pushing harder than the 28 PSI pre charge in the tank than how can very much water enter the tank. You need to look at the out put of the pump could be the motor or pump. Please check with the manufacturer for the factory air setting of your expansion tank as well.

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      Install a 30-50 lb. preasure switch and replace the guage. It’s probably only $25 worth of material and MAY solve your problem. Remember to turn off the power and drop the preasure before starting the repairs.

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