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        I have taken out my tile shower down to the slab. I am going back in with a cultured marble shower pan
        and maarble walls. The existing 2 inch drain pipe has a bowl shape fitting on it where the old drain screwed into
        it. I need to take off this bowl shape fitting but don’t know how it is attached. The house is about 20 years
        old. It may be leaded on. If so, how do you remove an old fitting which is attached with lead. The drain pipe is
        cast iron going into the ground and the fitting attached is metal. What other means would have been used to
        attache this?

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Best bet. Remove this old drain completely and hire a LMP to burn out the old lead and oakum joint.

          Then install a New Cast Iron Inside caulk drain with lead and oakum.

          After the joint is properly yarned & caulked then have the plumber use 4 PSF sheet lead as a flashing base reaching about 4″-6″ above grade.
          The retaining ring will insure water tight integrity..

          .Think about it YOUR spending lots of money and time to install Quality marble just to find out later that the drain or drain connection failed at a later date.

          Don’t you think that after 20 years this $45 drain should be replaced?

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