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      Jesse Donahoo

      Have 4 1/2 year old executive class house. Have an island in the kitchen with NO WATER (official) OUTLETS. There is a exhaust fan return to the outside which goes into the slab. Last week water came up through the exhaust hole from under the island and flooded the kitchen and 1/3 of the downstairs rooms. Turned off the water to the house and the flood stopped.Is it standard for hot water to run under the slab. The solution by the builderplumber was to bypass the section under the slab by cutting holes in the kitchen wall and bathroom wall (other side of the kitchen) and connecting the bypass thorugh the attic (two story).1. Is it normal to have a joint problem this early in the life of a house? 2. Is this bypass method normalstandard? 3. Who do I contact to determine if the fix is standard and if it will hold up.April 9, 1997 8:24 pm

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