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      My mother-in-law just bought a brand new GE washing machine. The dealer came and hooked it up and she washed load and when it was draining water began to flow back into the machine and overflow. Dealer saaid it was a clogged drain pipe. She got a plumber out to look at it and he said the newer machines drain so much faster that the existing pipework can’t handle it. Her house is 40+ years old. This doesn’t sound legit Any suggestions??

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      Sounds like someone is giving you so darn lame excuses.

      First off you can only get so many fixture units through a given size pipe. (gallons)

      If a 2″ washing machine waste line is properly trapped & vented and pitched and doesn’t have excessive 90 degree fittings and the internal area is relatively clean you should not have any back up.

      Try running a garden hose down this line to make sure it can take the full flow.

      Now if this pipe is connected to a kitchen sink waste you may have to have the line water jetted to remove the old grease and soap deposits from the internal piping wall.

      If the installing plumber cheated by using an 11/2 discharge pipe you may have to install a slop sink (laundry tub) to hold the volume of water so you can have a controlled flow rather than the deluge you normally get from a washing machine discharge.

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      Sylvan is right AGAIN. I am exhausted reading his replys, Where does one find the time?
      At the risk of getting blasted, I would like to offer an alternative to the installation of a laundry tub. It sounds as if the standpipe may be two inches. Increase this pipe to four inches and maybe add a little length. This should give the discharge of your machine the added needed volume to prevent future problems.
      Good Luck.
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California

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      Thanks guys. I just found out that her pipe is a 3 ” drain line and they told her that she needs of 5″. This is because “news machines push the water out so much faster”.They told her they could get rid of the the toilet in this room and run it through that drain since it would be too hard to bust through the concrete floor. Is this bull or what?

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