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      I am replacing the copper tubing from my dishwasher to the water supply. Using compression fittings do I need to solder or use any adhesive on the “donut” infront of the nut before I connect them and turn back on the water supply?

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      I like to use a teflon based paste such as GASOILA or SLIC-TITE on the face of the ferrule (donut). Be sure to tighten it up good because you need to compress that ferrule tight on the pipe.

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      Rather then using compression I would look to a flaire connection for several reasons.
      1- Flair is much stronger.
      2- Flair can take much more vibration than a cheap compression ring.
      3- Flair connections are used on high pressure and temperature connections like an air conditioning compressor and High pressre steam controllers.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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