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      I had a lawn irrigation system installed at my house. The irrigation company tapped into the main water supply in my basement before the shut off valve and pressure regulator. There are about 10 joints in their pipes before a shut off valve. Should I be concerned about this? I would have no way to turn off the water if one of those joints failed.

      That’s not my only concern. There was pretty severe hammering when the sprinklers were turned off. The company installed a vertical pipe about a foot long to absorb the shock. They said the air in this vertical pipe would absorb the shock. This removed much of the hammering but not all. In addition, there is a loud whining in the pipes when the system is shut off. The irrigation company wants to install another vertical pipe to absorb the rest of the shock. What should I do?


      – Alan

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      1-Alan UNDER no circumstances should ANY piping be installed without provisions for isolation (Exception for this rule possible a FIRE SUPPRESSION system) and Even fire suppression system systems do have a main shut off valve

      2- A vertical pipe can be used as an air chamber PROVIDED it is

      A- Exposed

      B- Has a valve to isolate it so it can be drained down when water logged AND a pet valve installed on top to replenish the air cushion then the pet valve closed and refilled so this “air chamber ” can continue preventing the dangerious condition of hydraulic shock ( water hammering)

      I would be also concerned about making sure an approved back flow preventor WAS INSTALLED which by most code authorities is required for YOUR protection of possible contaminated water from your lawn entering your potable water system (SEE licensing laws RE installations).
      When in doubt call an inspector OR a licensed Master plumber good luck.

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      Thanks for the information. It is very helpful. Where can I find “licensing laws RE installations”?


      – Alan

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