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      I currently have 2 zones at home i wish to break up the zones in two. My current configuration is i have 1 circulator pump and thermostat per zone . I would like to split he two zones into 4 zones using 4 zone valves. I need 2 zone valves per zone and 2 thermostats to run off of one circulator pump the thermostat will be connected to the zone vave and the zone valve will be connected to the controls for circulator pump.

      Do i need to be concerned with voltage of the various components ( meaning the thermostat, zone valve and circulator control box?

      Can i piggy back two zones on same connections at control panel which activates circulator pump?

      Any help would very much be appreciated


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      Ben would it be possible to use non electric zone valves?

      A lot of times using these types of valve you can balance out the heating system very easily

      Hopefully you have a two pipe system and this would be a great change of pace as each room would be able to be preset by just a simple adjustment of this kind of valve.

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