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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        Is there a plumbing code that restricts you from swaging copper tubing up one or two sizes? As an
        example, instead of purchasing an 1 1/2″x1″ reducer, could you swage a 1″ copper tube up to an 1 1/2″ so that an 1
        1/2″ tube could be sweated into it.
        Thank you in advance.

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        Avatar photohj

          I doubt that you would find such a swage, and if you tried it, you would find that the tube wall is so thin that it would be subject to fracture. If you must swage, the only logical one is to swage the same size tubing to create a coupling.

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            Bill HJ is 100% correct IF you could find this kind of tool (swedge) the wall of the copper would split. What can be accomplished in case of emergency that you cannot locate a proper reducing coupling is possibly putting in the smaller tubing into the larger sized one the flattening the over lap and brazing this contraption.

            You will have major proplems with the flow including possible erosion due to the rapid in change of velocity (FPS)

            I would strongly suggest you contact the Copper Development association Or ask about a TEE DRILL so you can tap into the pipe directly much better job.

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            Avatar photoGuest

              The code says all changes in size or direction must be done with approved fittings

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