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        I put in new faucets in by bath/shower, because the old ones were letting water drip from the tub spout. The new hot and cold work good. The diverter is the problem. When I turn the knob, it screws in, to cut the water off to the tub spout and wanting to divert the water to the shower head, does not work.I mean some water, a noticable amount, still comes out of the tub spout and some comes out of the shower head. The water coming out of the shower does not have the presure it should, because the presure is loss because some of the water comes out the tub spout.I the put the new washers from the new faucet onto the old faucet which fit and tried to put the old faucet back in. The same problem still occurs.What am I doing wrong? He seems like the faucet is not long enough and when I turn the knob to shut off the water to the tub spout, it does not close all the way, thus, alowing a small amount of water out the tub spout, instead of ALL the water directed to the shower head.But, as I said, even with the old original faucet, the problem still occurs.Help me, please.Thank youB52 [email protected]

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