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      how am I going to remove my old cast iron tub and replace it with a newer tub? Am I going to need a few guys to help me remove the tub?

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      OK this is how we do it in the big city. BECAREFUL as this is not for everyone

      If you take a good sledge hammer and place a few good wacks (4-7) you can actually split the tub in half.

      A lot of the old cast Iron tubs I remove on 5 story walk ups we split this way

      The key is knowing the following.

      1- Cast Iron will crack into many particles and it is also like shrapnel with the baked on enamel. This stuff can cut you like a razor so wear eye protection and long sleeve shirts.

      2-The pieces shoot all over the place making clean up a slight mess.

      You maybe better off disconnecting the tub waste and then trying to take this tub out in one piece BUT be prepared to still have a mess from the wall tiles that must be removed prior to removing the tub.

      Good luck

Viewing 1 reply thread
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