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      Can I use rosin-core solder on copper pipes (that will NOT be used for drinking water)? Thanks.

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      Yes, BUT you must make sure it is lead free if there is any possibility of potable water coming into contact with this piping.

      I cannot imagine any application where you would actually use a rosin core solder on copper tubing.

      Today with self tinning fluxes and soldering a very easy task you would be better off using a non acid flux and soldering through conventional ways (electric or gas)

      One more point about rosin core solder is the tensile strength of the joint maybe compromised unless you know the actual tin/silver content (alloy)

      Rosin also may not protect the joint being soldered from oxidation as well as the many other tyes of fluxes on the market.

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      To the best of my knowledge some states (PA for one) will not let you use solder with lead in it even on hot water heat.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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