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      I am seeking a ridgid, or other brand, pipe threading machine, could you please help

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      Contact ANY plumbing supply and then give them a model number like a Ridgid 400,300,200 or 700

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      Lou Makrinos1

      Try Harbor Freigh Tools. I know their on the Web but don’t have their address.

      They have cheap imports, but beware, that’s what they are.

      All The Best

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      Lou is it really worth buying an electric high torque tool that can cause great bodily harm just to save a few dollars?

      Don’t you think a time tested quality product deserves some consideration?

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      Lou Makrinos1


      I know exactly what your talking about, that’s why the caution, “they are cheaper but that’s what they are”.

      The big question is, if your going to use the tool 3 days every couple of years, can you justify 3 times the outlay?

      Safety is not an issue if you know how to use the tool and use it properly. The worst that will happen is it doesn’t work.

      All The Best – Lou

Viewing 4 reply threads
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