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      I recently received my water bill for the last quarter and discovered that I had used “100,000” gallons of water! My normal average usage per quarter is 20,000 – 25,000 gallons. Needless to say there is a problem! I had a plumber come out and they believe I need to replace the pressure relief valve and add a T&P valve on my hot water heater, total estimate being $300.00

      This water heater is 7 years old. We had the prv replaced 2 years ago. I personally check the crawl space under my house where the hwh is located and there is a 4-5 foot damp spot in front of the heater.

      If the was the main cause of the leak, would there not be a lot more water under my house? And if this is the main problem, am I not better off buying a new hwh, which will come with a 5-6 year warranty?

      I am a single mom, and I want to make the best and most cost effective choice possible.

      Thanks for your time and attention.

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      I NEVER question another plumbers prices BUT in this case considering a New T&P cost UNDER $10.00 and ONE MAN can replace it in less than an hour I would be hard pressed to justify how I could charge $300 for this replacement.
      Get an HOURLY rate plumber or ask a local plumbing supply how much they charge for a 3/4 T&P ASME/AGA approved and see for yourself if it cost more than $10 THEN figure how long the plumber is actually there.

      Then you KNOW what their hourly rate is. EVEN @ $125 per HR per MAN and TWO MEN were sent I still cant figure out how I could ever justify in court the $300 price.

      About the wet spot. Depending on soil conditions (percolation) how much water the soil will adsorb.

      Any decent plumber will also check the water meter for movement to double check that your not losing water through another fixture like a ball cock spilling into an over flow tube or a dripping faucet. Even a small drip can account for

      over 32,000 GALLONS of lost water per year. Good luck.. Please keep me posted.

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