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      I’m looking for a standard bathtub, 6 feet by 32 or 33 inches. Every place i have gone has said I can’t get a 6
      foot that narrow. Is that true. If not where can I get one. Thank you.

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      There are lots of 6′ tubs. I’m installing a 6’x 32″ by jacuzzi model cetra

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      Where can I find a 28″ wide bathtub these days? (We are in Berkeley CA, San Francisco Bay area)

      Our house was built in the 1920s. The tub is 5’4″ long, 28″ wide. We’ll have to remove it to replace rotted wood. That’s all the space there is.

      We can probably find a local source for lining the one we have with vinyl and replacing it (I hope) but does any supplier offer this size new, in any material?

      Email with specific references welcome; I’ll look back here, not sure whether I’ve asked in an appropriate place though.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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