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      I have a Rheem electric water heater for manufactured housing with water lines on the side. Can I replace it with a standard water heater with water connections on the top without creating any problems.

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      We have particularly stringent building codes where I live–stricter for our city than for the county where it’s located. I’d want to check with a plumber licensed in your area to be sure your idea will conform to code. (I’m the nervous type in case I want to sell some day….)

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      I know there are certain codes (venting) that must comply with gas heaters for manufactured housing?

      I do not know of any special piping requirements needed for electric models for manufactured housing. You may want to contact your local code authority just to be on the safe side. Just be careful of your T&P discharge piping.. Most of the time you would find it cost effective to try to replace in kind if possible.

      Good luck

Viewing 2 reply threads
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