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        I have a 40 gallon pressure tank and a 40 gallon hot water heater(electric) . When the water pump is running the water temp. in the shower drops to very cold. Is there someting that I could do to fix this.

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Sure there are some sophisticated things to do OR do something really simple replace your showerbody with a temperature pressure type. This type of showerbody will automatically adjust to either temperature or pressure fluctions.

          The other aspect of fixing this is putting a pressure reducing valve prior to the H/W tank so pressure remains constant like we do on high rise buildings. The showerbody replacement is the easiest way to go..

          Hey if this works out do me a favor Make out a check to St. Judes childrens hospital OR any other charity dealing with Children’s cancer research . Consider it my service call.

          Thank you in advance SylvanLMP.

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