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      I have a shallow jet pumping into a pressure tank that is well mate 6. The problem is that when the pump turns on at 20 it doesn’t turn off. Max pressure at the tank reads 27 (does not get to 40 to shut off). What could be causing pump to run continously and pressure to not reach above 27 lbs. Adjust air to 18 psi in tank and checked copper tube that activates switch, it was OK. Thanks Peter

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      Was the bladder tank empty when you adjusted the air pressure? You can only adjust the pressure in the tank when the tank is empty. Check this first then try it again. Your pump may be bad good luck.

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      There are a number of things that can cause this problem, some as follows: 1. well point clogged 2. injector clogged 3. injector badly worn 4. leak in suction line 5. leak on preasure side. My advice is call a qualified plumber, he will know how to check readings on the suction and preasure lines to diagnose the problem.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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