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      Avatar photobarry dauphinee

        I am interested in buying a Japanese style toilet. NOT the fancy ones with the heated seat, etc. What I am looking for is commonly found in Japanese households. It has a hand washing sink above the toilet. When you flush, the water first comes out the faucet, and then drops down to flush out the toilet bowl.

        Does anyone have any ideas where I can locate such a toilet??

        Thanks very much!!

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        Avatar photommilner

          JAPAN! Sorry, Pam, I couldn’t resist. Plumber’s humour, don’t you know! What you’ve described sounds very interesting and is something I’ve never heard of. Quite frankly, I doubt very much if this type of fixture(s) is legal in the plumbing code(Canadian code, I’m referring to). Have you triedany Japanese plumbing websites or related sites.

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          Avatar photommilner

            Hi Pam! As a folowup to my initial reply, I started to search for the toilet/sink you described. I didn’t see anything close to what you described, but definatly got an education in Japanese bathroom etquitte! The closest fixture I saw was the Japanese style toilet, which is basically a urinal lying on it’s back on the floor. The user squats over it. Toilet paper is not always provided. The user has no contact with the “toilet” at all. The Japanese are extremely germ and Hygiene conscience, to be sure. Marty

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            Avatar photoPam

              I think your initial answer (Japan) is probably correct. I don’t have any Japanese plumbing websites. But I tend to think this may be the only way to get one of these. If you know of any such websites, please let me know.

              There are a lot of different types of ‘Japanese toilets’. The one you described is very common as a public toilet. There are also the very high end electronic (auto wash and dry, etc.) toilets. But the one one I am looking for is a very common utilitarian model that is found in many homes there. It doesn’t seem like it should be so difficult to locate. If I could find one in Japan and have it shipped, that would be ok.

              Thanks again!! –Pam

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              Avatar photoPam

                I posted a reply once, and then couldn’t find it. If both replies appear, I’m sorry.

                I think that your joke response (Japan) is the correct answer. I am beginning to think that these toilets are not available anywhere else. Do you know of any Japanese plumbing websites that I could try??

                As an aside–you are right–there is quite a lot to learn about Japanese toilets. They range from the one you describe, which is commonly used in public restrooms, to the real high end (wash and blow dry, etc.) electronic toilets. The one I am looking for is somewhere in the middle. A utilitarian househould model.

                Thanks again for helping!!–Pam

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