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Here in Brisbane, the Council use soft solder joints underground, the same tin rubbish used by sylvan
However most trades men here use 5% to 15% silver solder, which wil out last all of us.

Bungie, although 95 5 is more difficult to work with rather then the silver bearing alloys I like the higher tensile strength that 95-5 affords me (16,000 PSI)

I also like having a joint harden faster and silver bearing does have a much larger pasty range then its 95-5 counter part and thus takes longer to solidify.

For my mechanics I give them silver bearing solders as it covers a multitude of sins like large gaps or having a much wider temperature range for mistakes as heating is the key with hard solders.

The lower temperature of silver as opposed to tin also helps the not so good mechanics have a joint with some type of integrity and it is so easy to use.

95- 5 in my opinion is also a much better looking joint as it never has any “grapes” hanging down the under side of a joint and I dont need a rag to wipe off excessive solder as 95 5 flows really deep into the joint and doesnt build up.


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