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It is a shame an Aussie company is so limited in their thinking.

If a product is of decent quality why not advertise it world wide?

I use lots of Canadian manufactured QUALITY plumbing products and would highly recommend Canadian manufactured roof drains.

When I had to give Merrell Lynch a full 10 year 100% guarantee on product and labour I would only trust Enpoco.

This corporation was the ONLY one to offer this kind of quality and put it in writing.

Thank you SylvanLMP We will be testing the market at home first then we plan to export off shore. You see Patents are quite an expensive exercise and without testing the water first in Australia where we hold the patent we can be over exposed and thus lose anothe Aussie invention to an overseas manufacturer

As for a Guarantee on our product we will be backing our valves with a full 10 year Guarantee as well

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