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you muc


Originally posted by Robert Stephen Morton:
Hey fair go Sylvan, Ostralya is the driest Island Continent in the world, the vapour is dry and our s— dont stink, the only reason we exhaust into the roof space is to cool the roof and because it’s there. Civilized! you blokes can’t even speeka da inglish & you havn’t gotXXX over there.
Sylvan are you attempting to create an International incident, or you starved of criticism from Fourth year?

When I do decide to give my business away to my employees I think I will know a lot about down under plumbing and possibly even switch my citizenship as many of my new accounts do not even speak or understand the English.

You got to love non existent immigration laws huh mates.

To bad the powers that be do not say if you want into an English speaking country you should be able to speak it so you can ask for your hand outs properly huh?

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