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Originally posted by fourth year:
Why are you so paranoid about air testing,

Answer: BECAUSE I know what an incompetent can do to innocent people who let an idiot air test piping that should not be air tested.

Question: and also why are you worrying about PVC in the subject building? PVC is not approved for indoor plumbing in most areas,

Answer: OH REALLY I must tell that to every pool installation I have installed that the PVC supply and RETURN circulation and skimmer lines INSIDE the pump building is NOT legal as PER a hepers mentality

After all PVC according to you another Fraud in plumbing said it is NOT legal indoors. Hey your the “expert” who said PVC is not approved for indoor plumbing in most areas”
and is never approved for hot water.

Answer and WHAT temperature are you considering HOT? DUH 280 DEGREES Or Federal codes as per NURSING homes and Child day care centers

Air is an acceptable alternative here if a water test failure could cause property damage,

Answer: No property damage ONLY the poor guy standing near the IDIOT who put the air test on

if there is not a source of water available, (such as a new residence in an isolated area), or if there is a danger of freezing.

And no jurisdiction permits plastic piping for air lines.

<< ANSWER BUT YOU use an "AIR TEST" HUH GENIOUS TSK TSK A liar with a bad memory

Answer : Oh wow AMAZING I never knew a vacuum system (AIR) was illegal using PVC I guess A vacuum system isn’t “AIR” but water HUH Helper?

I guess a FRESH AIR INLET (FAI) is not air according to YOUR mentality?

PLEASE GUY give it UP YOU will never EVER be a Qualified plumber saying things you have no idea what your talking about

Again you unknowing helper LEARN about the pros and cons of the materials your using.

HAVE you ever considered a job like stable boy as YOU will never in a thousand years know plumbing.

SCHOOL is in GUY did you know guy “PVC” has a maximum service working temperature of 140 DEGREES WAY to hot under model codes be used even for domestic hot water and child day care centers allows water temperature of only 105 degrees to be used.

So when a lack of mentality makes a Moronic statement “hot water” what basis is the dummy using as “hot”

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