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fourth year

IF you took the time to read the original post, it is in English after all, you would see that they did not say they had a 5″ waste line, they had a 5″ flange which is unreasonable since it would not fit into the toilet recess, and since the hole measures 5″ it is a 4″ caulk on collar. All the rest of your talk about downspouts, 5 & 6″ pipes, lead bends (which will not work with no-hub bands unless they have the ferrule attached), fire hangers which have to secure the pipe, high pressure steam which should have roller hangers, etc., etc., is just a lot of B.S., since you could not dazzle people with your brilliance, and could not bring yourself to admit that you were wrong about the original question. But that is not all that unusual is it after reading many of your replies.

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