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Originally posted by bungie1:
“1- Remove the lead pipe up to the existing brass ferrule and wipe the ferrule clean of all solder using a torch being very
careful then install a No hub reducing coupling to ANY SIZE you little heart desires including 3″ for a toilet waste”

Dont try this in Australia as its illegal to reduce the waste size from the WC

Bungie, this person said they have a 5″ diameter waste pipe correct?

Now lets say they are correct in saying 5″ as we are not there.

What code in ANY Country says you cannot INCREASE a waste line?

As far as I knew plumbers sized drainage, water and vent by fixture units and developed length.

Here I explained that a toilet can LEGALLY discharge into a 3″ soil line and having a reducer on a 5″ or even a 4″ line is LEGAL as your going from the toilet to the LARGER sized piping not decreasing the waste BUT increasing it at the cast Iron connection.

Now Bungie lets consider this fact also.

A lot of the newer toilets have a 1.6 GPF maximum and the existing drainage systems were sized on a 3.5 or MORE GPF so in reality by making the toilet connection either 3″ or 4″ your actually better off as your now getting a proper scouring action correct?

Most civilized countries will allow for the INCREASE in a waste line like I suggested here.

Even if It was a 4″ lead pipe, by using a 4″ no hub coupling they would not be decreasing the piping diameter at all BUT would make for a legal and easy connection for a new cast iron pipe to be used in lieu of a lead pipe.

Remember in this country the DRAINAGE system STARTS at the FIXTURE not at the lead connection below the floor flange.

A good rule of thumb would be the water supply ends at the fixture and the drainage starts there EASY to remember huh?

PICTURE WORDS. So how are things at Oz? Send Michael the gasman my very best.

Remember we only can take this gentleman’s word it that it is really a 5 “opening which is not really unreasonable knowing what is here in this country calling themselves techs or how little education is really required in some localities for getting a license.

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