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Originally posted by Sylvan:
Jak, when installing new roof drains I do encounter 5″ an even 6″ lead piping.

You have some options.

1- Remove the lead pipe up to the existing brass ferrule and wipe the ferrule clean of all solder using a torch being very careful then install a No hub reducing coupling to ANY SIZE you little heart desires including 3″ for a toilet waste

2- Take up the old floor flange and get 3″ or 4″ lead “D” pipe and insert it into the existing lead pipe and make a “Cup Joint” using Warranted Flemco # 1 Solder then solder on the new brass floor flange either in 3″ or 4″

3- Get to the cast Iron and cut it just below the hub and either use No hub cast Iron with a Quick set cast Iron floor flange Or

4- Use a Cast Iron caulked floor flange like I do on 4″ galvanized drainage piping when flange replacement becomes necessary.

If you have any questions please feel free to E mail me.. Sylvan REAL LMP not in name only

Thank you Sylvan for the useful information. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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