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Originally posted by Carole460:
Sylvan.. thank you for that suggestion. It sounds like just what I need. Also, we keep lots of bottled water available at the dock for drinking.

Your very welcome Carole.

The reason I did not suggest a Wye strainer is some STUMBLEBUMS say use a “cap on it” rather then a ball valve for blow down like we do on boiler systems and pressure vessels and steam traps and sand traps on non potable water supply systems

You just want to keep it simple and very easy to maintain and cost effective.

Just ignore the postings that look to complicate a simple job.

If someone was foolish enough to even consider a Y strainer then knowing it is fresh water it would have to be non ferrous materials.

The simple washing machine strainer can be replaced or cleaned by just separating the hoses by hand ONCE someone says CAP you now need tools to tighten and loosen these trouble prone devices.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me SylvanLMP

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