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Originally posted by aresto:
How can I get the water level in my toilet bowl to be higher? HELP!!!

If the water in the bowl is low it could be the sign of a partial stoppage.

Sometimes folks throw unmentionables down these toilets and the cotton or string act much like a wick on a cigarette lighter and syphons out the trap seal.

We real plumbers call this phenomena capillary action.

You see the helper mentality ASSUMES (Makes an ASS of U AND ME) thinking it had to be a “dip tube”

Over 80% of the one family homes and multi story buildings I work in have flushometer rather then low tanks or sometimes called close coupled tank and bowls.

Another thing to check is the water level IF your using a tank and bowl in lieu of a flushometer is how high the water level is NORMALLY 1″ below the over flow tube is the recommended height.

When you flush the toilet look inside the tank to see IF you have one (dip tube) as some tanks DO NOT have an over flow TUBE as a HELPER would never know about the Sloan FLUSHMATE pressure assisted 1.6 GPF Or the older tanks where the over flow is part of the China castings.

Unfortunately some folks dabble in these trades and have no clue as they would never really take the time to LEARN and keep abreast of the current changes in plumbing, heating, gas fitting and proper drainage.

Now lets consider you do look into your tank and see an upright tube coming out of a “Douglas Valve” and this tube is called your “over flow tube” as it is designed to allow water to go down this tube before it comes out of the handle opening Or the top of the tank.

This tube should be between 1″ or slightly larger *some are as large as 11/4″

Now coming out of the ball cock (fill valve) there should be a 1/8-1/4″ copper or plastic or rubber tube that when the handle is flushed it allows water to flow out of this small diameter piping.

What this little tube is designed to do is replenish the trap seal (water level) and help with the scouring action of the actual bowl.

What you should have is this “refill tube” about 3/4 “above the over flow tube to prevent the possibility of a cross connection as not every HELPER knows not to install a ball cock with a vacuum breaker and we certainly do not water back syphonage.

Now if the refill tube is not flowing you should shut the water supply disassemble this ball cock and check for debris.

If it is a FLUSHOMETER depending on the type and model what adjustments you can make like simply raising the set screw to allow for a longer flushing action.

If it is a Sloan flushmate contact Sloan Valve company and CAREFULLY follow their directions to the letter.

Amazing the knowledge that can be found on this professional list HUH?
SylvanLMP please read my plumbviews about ONLY hiring professionals

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