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Originally posted by marcia:
Well,we have this same problem today.
My husband,welder, is using a ford
fitting. (or else have to dig and replace whole line.)
As for who is responsible? We here in Ontario Canada, the owner of the home is responsible for the cost of the meter, the pipe leading to the meter from the city supply and ANY
repairs etc. Although the in line/sewers are on city property. Not to
mention our city pays the highest
property tax rate in Ontario….
Can we say Rip Off?
All I know is we are NOT uprooting
my sand cherry tree!!!!

Thank you Marcia I guess this is ANOTHER LOCALITY that the 4th YEAR has no clue to what he is spewing about when it comes to responsibility of supply systems.

As you can tell this country (USA) is really hurting when it comes to really knowledgeable contractors.

seems when a person doesnt know codes they make things up as they go along as 4th year is known for.

Rther then sit back and learn from true professionals some folks shoot off their mouths.
I am glad you gave your area so 4t year can Question your water dept and he can find out for himself that he is not the expert on advice as he thinks he is.

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