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fourth year

welcome back. I have missed your acerbic wit. I hope you are not therefore suggesting that the homeowner actually try to repair a wiped joint himself. Most enlightened utilities maintain the pipe up to the meter, since that water is not billed to the customer. For that reason there would be no reason for the homeowner to pay to have the leak fixed if he was not being charged for the wasted water. Please advise as to any utility that requires the homeowner to maintain his own water service so I can verify your facts. Now, the sewer is different. There many if not most utilities give the burden of maintaining it to the homeowner all the way to the main. Again because in this case the homeowner could not function without an active sewer, so it is in his best interests to pay for the repair. And what makes you think I am a helper? My company has my name on the trucks, and I pay the bills.

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