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I understand your concerns. I have no problem calling a master plumber for items that I cannot fix myself. The problem I am describing seems to be a simple one. I would never, for example, try and install a brand new toilet. However, I don’t agree that a homeowner should *have* to call a plumber for simple plumbing problems. I replaced our garbage disposal two years ago and it works fine-it was a project that involved minor plumbing and electrical issues. I am confident in my ability to do *minor* repairs around the house, although my professional skills lie elsewhere. Perhaps I did myself a disservice by describing myself as “just a housewife,” for I am a woman of many abilities and aptitudes who is seeking an answer to what is likely a minor problem. Again, I understand your concerns and appreciate your feedback. If anyone has an answer to my question, I’d like to hear from you. My e-mail address is . Thanks!

Julie Holmes

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