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Originally posted by daveroconn:
Place the pressure switch after the check valve on the discharge side of the pump. Place it on the branch side of the tee just before the storage tank. Pump is pulling water from well, when pump is in off position check will be pulled shut by the water running backwards toward the well. Pump would then come on with the pressure drop (faucet being turned on) and then off again because the storage tank is already full of water.

Respectfully David F. Walling

Many thanks for your answer and clear explanation. In the original configuration, the pressure switch is a part of the pump; looks like that will have to be disabled with a new switch added (at the tee), then rewire the pump to it. The check valve was put in right up against the inlet on the tee so guess will have to put a “T” connection on the tee since there is a pressure relief valve where the switch would normally be.

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