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Originally posted by alamoby:
I have a hot water leak and can’t find it. It’s under the concrete floor and a large area of the floor get hot. How do I pinpoint the leak? Are there special tools or instruments that I can rent or buy to find this leak?

This is a JOKE posting correct?

EASIEST find there is. Want to be a real expert in finding under slab Hot water leaks?

Tell you what THE REALLY professional EXPERTS DO.

Get to a decent plumbing supply store BUY A BIG MOP then MOP the floor the SPOT that dries the fastest is the hottest, DO THIS several times to be certain.

Mark this spot HERE lies your DAMN LEAK. You just saved a service call that I charge $1,200 for location of hydronic leak.

Seriously if you have any other Leak detection questions contact MicroEngineering or My Tanya tell em Sylvan Sent you OR just E mail me. Sylvan

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