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I have to say that i’m really confused by Sylvans lame answer to this problem.Hacksawing a hose off and using a sharp chisel or a old screw driver,WOW!!!What a pro.We are talking about a $4.00 valve here.Even a single handle valve may cost you as much as $20.00.So the “great one” that gets mad when anyone talks about price,tells someone to use a sharp chisel or a old screwdriver to make a plumbing repair.I get these calls often and I always replace the valve because it’s the correct thing to do.I replace both valves or I would convert seperate hot and cold valves to a single handle valve.This is good for the customer since it helps to encourage them to shut off the valve when not in use.Hose failures are very common.This is a simple job that can be done in less than an hour.I guess if you already have a sharp chisel or an old screwdriver you can save yourself some money.If you don’t have these item’s maybe Sylvan is in your area.I would be glad to help you if you wan’t to do the job correctly.

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