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Originally posted by bungie1:
PCV is fine …… the main reason a plumber would suggest cast or lead, is so he can charge the bloody earth to do the job. The mark up is unbaleavable. Suspending PVC is a lot easer on the buiding too, lot less weight on the joists and bearers.

Hey Bungie EDUCATION time,

Nothing personal Mate but let me explain a fact of life to you.

1- Plastic piping cost about the same as No hub Cast Iron

As gas prices soar so does the cost of plastic

2- Plastic is NOT allowed in commercial work regardless of building height WHY?

3- Plastic glues and primers are carcinogenic

4- The manufacturers of BOTH products recommend cast Iron over plastic any time conditions warrant QUALITY.

5- The uneducated can install plastic piping with great success and I am all for the home owners doing it themselves if they really want a cheap system why not do it themselves?

All they need is a little guidance as to sizing and venting which can be learned in a matter of hours reading a local code book Or in the better home centers.

ANY home owner who hires a “plumber” to install plastic is wasting their money.

6- Labor is expensive Materials are cheap Why invest good money to use inferior products?

7- Plastic is considered toxic waste when you have to get rid of it READ GREEN PEACE

8- Plastic drainage is noisy

9- Plastic will give off toxic fumes often killing the occupants long before the flames get to them.

10- Plastic has much shorter radius fittings as compared to its cast Iron counter parts

11-Plastic in humid weather or making a repair in the “wet” does not give a joint with integrity.

12- You need more supports for plastic to prevent sagging and plastic has NO tensile strength compared to Quality Cast Iron when buried under ground

13- Every No Hub clamp is a virtual clean out

14- Cast Iron is recyclable

15- Cast Iron resists abrasion much easier

16-Cast Iron may take a little longer to install BUT the actual materials cost just about the same BUT the stumble bums don’t know how to use cast Iron to its full potential.

17-If your concern is weight then why not compromise the system by using plastic for venting and leave Quality Quiet Cast Iron for water and drainage?

18- Why not read these bulletin boards and look at the huge number of STATE OF THE ART PLASTIC FAILURES in heating applications ANOTHER trade that requires no formal training or licensing in most area’s

19-Plastic piping is subject to failures if not back filled and certain house hold cleaners will destroy plastic.

20- Rodents love to sharpen their teeth on plastic

21-Ever bother to read all the precautions on plastic preparations Or are you one of the many blokes who enjoy getting a FREE HIGH.

All I know Plastic has many uses in industrial applications BUT for the Quality of life in a home we Americans are spoiled in not hearing our plumbing flush.

It doesn’t take a genius to see how far behind you Aussies are just look inside a Europeans mouth and see the missing broken teeth.

Look at the average Americans teeth and THEN look at your own in the mirror

Then consider WHO put a bloke on the moon and even brought them back.

Hey my mate think about this NYC has CAST IRON plumbing installed since the early 1800s STILL going strong.

Boston has even older working plumbing systems.

READ about the GREAT plastic under slab heating failures only 2 or 3 years old

Read the failures and the law suits and the REPIPE teams needed to replace plastic water piping failures.

How would you personally feel knowing that a family was killed during a fire because the poison/toxic smoke got to them?

Do you know a lot of fire departments will NOT enter a structure that is known to have plastic piping in case of a fire.

Hey but it is CHEAPER HUH.

Hey bloke Why don’t YOU drive a car with no air bags or seat belts or even ABS as it can save you MONEY not having a safe system

Hey drive with no doors on your car doing break neck speeds if you like noise

Today more then ever we read about NEW plumbing failures yet when a water Main or gas main ruptures in NYC it makes the head lines saying 105 year old piping system busted causing traffic snarls.

I look at the Churches in England with 1000 year old copper flashing and CAST IRON down spouts

I look at the Cast Iron roof drains in NYC where these drains are exposed to heat, acid rain, snow, Ice and last and last.

A cast Iron drain can go for UNDER $65. And it lasts over 50 YEARS.

So if it really worth using $45 plastic drain that should not be exposed to direct sun light Can become brittle in the cold loses shape in heat.

You tell me guy which is CHEAPER?

No wonder the British threw you blokes out of their country as ENGLAND loves Quality in plumbing and glassware.

May God Bless the Queen
Have a great week end Mate

Class is over now go out and play in the sand box

By the way a “Lead” pan lasts over 50 years and a lead FLASHING on a roof lasts over 125 years even exposed to sun, acid, heat,cold building expansion and contraction.

I still use LEAD flashing and Cast Iron with a Bronze dome But Hey I like the idea of having my work last several life times.

I love the idea of leaving a piece of me to carry on for as many centuries as possible

Ah the joys of being a REAL Craftman
PRIDE in ones work is also a thing of the past HUH?

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