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Christina, your questions were very valid UNTIL you asked how much?

Let me ask you a question Suppose I asked you how much for a container of milk.

The very 1st question you would ask is what size container correct?

Same with sizing radiators.

Please do not apologize for being snide I love it, Sarcasm is fun and IM glad to see it as it shows your thinking.

The problem with sight unseen advice is all the variables involved.
For example

1-What size radiators are you going to need for EDR (heating surface)

2- What will the contractor near you charge as his/her over head can vary a lot from area to area

3- When working on older systems you have no idea what else may fail once it is disturbed

4- Are there steam traps that will have to be replaced besides the radiator valves?

5-If this is a hot water system (hydronics) it cost a lot more to work on as drain down and fill up time takes its toll on man hours.

This one idiot helper felt a “plumber” charged to much to change a $5.00 part on a gas fired appliance.

This helper has no idea how much it cost to run a legitimate business and the cost of continuing training of employees.

The material in the above case was cheap BUT the labor and equipment and knowledge didn’t come cheap.

Replacing radiators are not a hit and miss thing heating is a science.

You can even order custom covers to hide these rads if you find them that ugly.

Please feel free to E mail me anytime you have a question and ILL do my best to answer you in a civil manner :-)

This reminds me about a tune up I needed for two of my cars

One of the cars had a 2.3-16 Valve engine the other is 2.4 16 Valve

The 2.5 is a 2000 Subaru and a 30,000 mile tune up cost under $300

The 87 Mercedes in 1987 cost me $970 for a 30,000 mile tune up. YET the Subaru is a much better handling car in the snow or rain BUT the Mercedes was much faster and BOTH had about the same sized engine.

So asking prices doesn’t tell you if your getting the right job no matter how much you pay.

The upstate plumbers are working with 2nd rate codes if any and there is NO real training for journeymen.
That is why I argue with their use of one type of material for a fits all application.

Here is an answer I just recieved from another “snide” posting I just answered.

Thanks for the questions. You’ve helped me understand what the job could
entail. It’s clear that I need to call a Master Plumber and not someone who
does “plummin”!

SF. Jay

Christina anytime ou have a question please feel free to E mail me. My list has the top heating folks in the country on it.

Never apologize for speaking your mind Your great and a marvelous sport. Respectfully Sylvan

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