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I have a small co-op that is heated via pipes and radiators. Although we’ve had some work done on the radiators (we moved one 3 years ago) they are probably nearly 100 years old. I am certain they need to be bled.<<< SNIP Why bleed a "radiator if it not giving you any trouble?

Are you on a steam or hot water heating system (Most lightly steam ILL bet)

But aside from that, I was wondering if I have any options as far as heating goes to replace them- or even get a separate heating system.<<I would strongly recommend NON electric zone valves

I have seen shorter and more compact radiators in plumbing supply stores that I often wonder if they would be a comparable replacement (they certainly would take up less space). <<There are only 2 radiators in my entire apt- and 2 floor to ceiling pipes that are heated.<<< SNIP

The steam risers are throwing off heat and depending on the type of heat and the pipe size would determine how much heat they give off

Anyone have ideas on options? Costs?<NOW about “COSTS” here s my best shot

Anything that is a good conductor of electricity is a good conductor of heat

copper great for electrical work and great for heating

Plastic not great for electrical work and It is great for handles on frying pans fr insulating heat.

NOW GOLD is great for electronics and thus FANTASTIC for heat so go out and BUY a GOLD Radiator for around $495,000 in 24K ONE big radiator should take the place of several small ones.

Now considering this is sight unseen it MAY cost more (never less) have a great one and HOW much to tune up my car sinse I have your attention? Thank you

Summer’s coming and it’d be a good time to get cracking on the radiators…[/B][/QUOTE]

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