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Originally posted by Wallingford Plm+Htg:
It’s nice to see that another pro has come to this site.Anyone can play this game BOB.Why didn’t a real pro like you suggest that the water be turned off?This way the faucet can be removed making the job easier since most tub faucets ars installed 12 to 15 inches above the ledge.Try answering some postings your self BOB instead of hiding behind Sylvan.We all know how great he is,let’s see what you have.

Wall, You proved Sylvan right again by your comments about removing the showerbody. Hey handy man didn’t Sylvan say “remove tub spout”? I have a New York State license and must agree anyone can pass the NYS testing as you have proved many times over and over.

I would love for you to take either the New Jersey test or even Connecticut forget about you ever taking the NYC exams as you haven’t got a clue to proper plumbing

Take my word for it Your the kind of stumble bum folks should be on the look out for.

Bob Licensed in 3 states

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