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Wallingford , ARE you sure your really a journeyman and not some helper trying to get over on folks?

Before “throttling” a valve don’t you think it would be a great idea to ask if this valve is a globe type?
ou do know a lot of upstate dummies have no clue to valve configurations.

I personally would advice these folks to too look on the lower left hand side of the tank and see if they have an angle valve and this alone would tell me that it is a globe pattern.

If it is a straight valve it may well be a globe Or a gate and throttling down a gate is something YOU would do but not any real plumber as REAL plumbers would know about the erosion that could be caused do to the velocity passing this gate and causing dangerous flow patterns BUT hey your from upstate and don’t know any better and never bothered to read Hazen – Williams

Thankfully when the state requires all plumbers to finally LEARN THEIR Jobs you will thus be a real competent plumber rather then one who just say’s turns off the valve half way.

You do know about various valve patterns and as unbelievable as it may seen to you not all valves are designed for the same application.

Did you bother to think that there maybe a slight kink in the speedy supply tubing?

Did you bother to ask if the pressure was checked?

Or did you give a handyman’s opinion of arbitrarily shutting down valves of unknown design?

Now suppose these victims take your advice and shut a valve that happens to be a “Tile stop” controlling the shower also.

Would you like to be the one to cause someone to be scalded? TSK TSK TSK Hey WALL why not shut off the ENTIRE MAIN Valve this way the pressure will remain constant BUT the volume will be much less and these victims can save money on water usage.

Wall thinking like a guy from a home center instead of an upstate plummmmmmmmmmin guy why not ask a few questions so you can give an informed answer.

Like could there be loose washer if indeed there is a globe valve and this washer is slightly lose from the retaining ring this could also account for the noise.

Are these folks on city or well water where the possibility of sediment could be causing a slight restriction?

Or lets play like simpletons and shut off valves not knowing what type of valve it is or what it controls. YUP YOUR DA MAN.

I am impressed with your knowledge and how well you deduced this type of problem Thank you Kid I am impressed with your youth and get in and get out approach.

God Forbid you took the time to find the root of this problem JUST shut off valves as that’s the “Modern ” way.

Hopefully these folks will KNOW what you meant to say inspite of your inept advice.

Hey keep trying you may learn to think lke a semi mechanic if you live long enough.

Try closing a NYC main steam line sometime until the noise stops LOL

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