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Hello Jim,
I got your message from Grohe America.In Kuwait you can have a thermostatic shower mixer,similar to a pressure balancing valve.Grohe’s agent there can help you.Please call:M/S Abu Ghaith at 2423857 or 2423912.

Good Luck

Hi Folks,

Currently writing you from a little ol’ air force base in the desert. Our showers over here change from scalding hot to ice cold several times during the course of a shower. Rumors have it that the route of the water is the culprit (Hot comes from one direction, and cold comes from another). I think the problem is pressure related. Bathrooms are in trailers with 8 shower stalls, 8 sinks, and 8 latrines. Probably 10 trailers on base. Water comes from bladders laying out on the ground. I don’t think there is much in the ways of pressure and it looks like it is all directly networked with PCP.

I am interested in hearing any opinions you folks might have to help or situation here. I think we need help adjusting pipe sizes, or engineer some kind of holding areas to help regulate pressure, but I am not a plumber…just a computer weenie.

Thank you folks for your help.
Jim in Kuwait


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