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The firms listed below were identified as suppliers of the technology at the time of this report’s publication. This listing does not purport to be complete, to indicate the right to practice the technology, or to reflect future market conditions.

Crispaire Corporation
3570 American Drive
Atlanta, GA 30341
David Shuford
Vice President – Marketing
(404) 458-6643; Fax (404) 457-2352

P.O. Box 8050
Madison, WI 53708
Bernie Mittelstaedt
(800) 533-7533; Fax (608) 222-1447

Quantum/Energy Plus International
P.O.Box 30065
Palm Beach, FL 33420-0085
Charles O’Neill
(561)842-3778; Fax (561)842-3778

In addition, the following manufacturers are developing new residential/light commercial HPWH products that are scheduled to be released in 1997:

Colmac Coil Manufacturing Co.
P.O. Box 72
370 N. Lincoln
Colville, WA 99114
Joel Lewinshon
(509) 684-2595; Fax (509) 684-8331

WaterFurnace International
9000 Conservation Way
Fort Wayne, IN 46809
Bob Brown
(219) 478-5667 ext 254; Fax (219) 478-3029

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