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This generally is not a D.I.Y. unless you have a backhoe operater or plan digging entire yard about 3′-6′ with a hand shovel.Most backhoe operaters can sometimes pull the old line out with the new line tied on and drag them out together .However this is if one is lucky and the pipe doesn’t break when doing this or he will need to dig from curb to house.Also most city ordinances won’t allow just anyone to do this themselves especially when it comes to the hook up at the street.You also must call a number depening on where you live and wait generally 48 all underground utilities can be marked out.Usually you need a permit from the city as well.Your better to let experienced person’s to do this but also call around for prices.Useally depending on length of job for pipe you have around $200 in materials,$200-$250 for a backhoe operator.Plumber to do all installations,permits which vary depending on your city.In my area I can usually do them for $500-$1000.So there not far off.It needs done and will be there for at least 40yrs.

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