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Avatar photoHarold Kestenholz

    An indoor-outdoor control adjusts the water temperature in relation to the outdoor temperature, so as the outdoor temperature falls the water temperature rises so more heat is available from the radiation. I thought an explanation of what the control does might help the uninitiated. Parhaps Sylvan can explain how this would stop freezing the radiation in case of a power failure.

    You would definitely want to install a steam system without traps so there would be none upstairs to be damaged. A carefully-installed one-pipe system or a two-pipe vapor system designed without traps would let the steam-created water drain back to the boiler. If the boiler is sitting under ground level on the ground in a closed basement, the chances of freezing the system are much less. This was very important in 1900 when people worked 12-hour days and couldn’t get to stoke the coal fire at times. It can be useful today.

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