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    Originally posted by Harold Kestenholz:
    I like that warning about using toxic automobile anitfreeze. Some people just see the word antifreeze and aren’t aware that etylene glycol is toxic and can harm the environment.

    The anti-freeze professional plumbers use is propylene glycol that is often an ingredient in orange and other flavor sodas. Even so, the EPDM gaskets used as seals in some devices swells and fails from long exposure to glycols. EPDM is the same material used for electrical insulation and automobile window gaskets, but we don’t put antifreeze on them as a practice.

    Harold WE both know a lot of folks go away either for vacation or leave the house un attended and lower the thermostat to dangerously low settings as to conserve fuel and hell with protection.

    If there is an in door out door setting this home would protected in case of the “Human factor.”

    Even steam is not a guarantee of a non freeze up as the some steam traps should never be exposed to freezing temperatures unlike the Thermo dynamic which is a fantastic trap But not suited for the lower pressures encountered in most residential systems.

    About the ANTI Freeze many “professionals” are not aware of the various types that can be used.

    EPDM by the way used in the roofing industry is subject to failures when most chemicals come in contact with them

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