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    Originally posted by Harold Kestenholz:
    If you are experiencing freezes often, antifreeze in water systems and the drain-back of steam systems can be an answer. Burnham Boiler makes replacement radiators.

    WHOA there Partner, Just one-second there cow boy. You do know a lot of the boilers have that crap rubber/plastic seal instead of Quality steel push nipples.

    This elastic “O” ring can fail when exposed to certain chemicals LORD KNOWS they fail enough on their own without the chemical additives to help them.

    Certain anti freezes are NOT approved in hydronic heating as it will effect pump seals and if a leakage does occur we are now talking Toxic waste clean up.

    What can be a very safe option is installing an INDOOR OUT DOOR thermostatic which will increase indoor temperature 1 degree for every 2 degree drop out side IN conjunction with non electric zone valves with the fail safe opening at 40 degree F. to prevent isolation and freeze ups.

    There can even be a few Fusible plugs added like we do to protect acetylene tanks and boilers from Exploding.

    There are a hundred options and ALL Chemical free.

    Brine solution like we use in Central Absorption systems using a bronze impeller comes to mind as this is Natural and no toxic and CHEAP.

    Harold thank you so much again for signing on the inner circle or the PIPDL
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