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    I’ve had success using a plastic fittings system, which is all push-fit (a bit like LEGO!). From memory, I think the brand name was “Acorn” but you can get generic parts nowadays. The fittings are more expensive than the usual copper fittings but you won’t have to shell out for a crimper. I’ve installed some a few years back without any problems. But if you’re doing a lot of joints, a set of crimping tools may be worth the investment. I’m in NZ, where a large manufacturer produced a type of (crimp-required)copper-plastic fittings which failed after approx.10 years! My house was one of those with these fittings. Too much hassle to sue, and the plumbers bills were starting to add up, so I’ve replaced the fittings myself. In the end, I bought myself a couple of crimpers, as it’s easier to use than the push-fit system in hard-to-access places. But I’ve been happy with the plastic push-fit fittings too (however – make sure you fit them properly or they can fail!)
    Good luck.

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