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    Jealous folks seem to do that to US I noticed.

    As Far as I am concerned Africa has the BEST of the best mechanics.

    One of my Top foremen was from Guinea/Ivory Coast and Benin.

    He took to codes like a duck takes to water.
    After he spend some time heading my mechanical department HVAC he went back to Africa and is now self employed.

    I found George Okeo from Kenya (Ambassador to this country) to be very knowledge able I just wish he didn’t have that British accent as the French one sounds so much better in business circles.

    I think if folks from South Africa managed to break away with their speech they wouldn’t be held back as much.

    I have some family from SA BUT we try not to talk about that side of the family.

    One of my biggest accounts is a gentleman from there also.
    He still travels back and forth every 2 or 3 months checking out his investments.

    Personally I think SCOTLAND has the BEST accent on the planet

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