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Avatar photoFrank Hiebert

    I believe most clogged toilets have a red toothbrush lodged in the integral trap of the water closet itself. If you are going to try and fix this yourself I would first try using a closet auger, you can rent them for a few bucks. Be careful not to scratch the inside of the water closet. They have neat little rubber mats to protect the china. If this doesn’t work for you I would remove the toilet and if you still can’t find anything in the integral trap of the toilet I would then try a snake on the fixture drain. Probably should get a plumber if you can’t fix it with the closet auger. Never use a snake through the water closet itself, and please never use draino or the like. Keep in mind that I am just a lowly apprentice and don’t do much service work…
    So my advice may not be the best, just personnal opinion If it is a red toothbrush please let me know as that will prove I actually am a guru..LMAO

    Frank Hiebert
    3rd yr apprentice
    Edmonton, Alberta

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