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    Thanks for your response. How extensive of a job are we talking? Sounds very involved to my inexperienced mind. This home is only 10 years old and my hunch that the builder used an inexperienced plumber during construction may be correct. Could further damage occur if the problem is not addressed? (other than me losing my sanity?) Also, if you could offer any guidance on how to chose a plumber to fix this problem would be much appreciated. Bear in mind I am a wife with a husband that is not great with home repair matters so I will be interacting with the plumber.


    Originally posted by Harold Kestenholz:
    The usual cause of banging noise is a quickly flowing column of water striking a sharp turn or end in a piping system. An experienced plumber knows how to install the systems so they do not make this noise. This is not a repair, but a redo of the vent and stack piping.

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