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    Seth, Please excuse the self centered blowhard remarks from others on this subject.
    It is, however impossible to give you even a “ballpark” estimate on your repipe with the info provided.
    I suggest you ask some of the neighbors if they have had this done. They may be able to refer a plumber that has done a similar job. Or, get several estimates from reputable plumbers and choose one. I would not neccesarily go with the lowest bidder. Ask what kind of “help” they use. Also, know who will repair any walls that have to be cut into. WIll plumber sub-contract or be done by “others”? Above all, choose someone you feel comfortable with. They may be in your home for several days.
    John and Sylvan, GET A ROOM! GET A LIFE! Maybe even try to help the people who ask for it? WOW, What a concept!

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